Be a Mentalist: World-Renown Mentalist Reveals Mentalism Techniques in a …

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Be a Mentalist: World-Renown Mentalist Reveals Mentalism Techniques in a New Program

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New York, NY (PRWEB) Apr 02, 2013

Ehud Segev a Mentalizer, an acclaimed Israeli mentalist who performs before live audiences around a world, has been featured on countless U.S. and ubiquitous TV shows, and seemed in an off-Broadway prolongation of “Anomal,” is releasing a new module on Apr 4, 2013.

The extensive giveaway course, that will be sent out to his subscribers once a week during one year, will enclose a detailed, step- by-step reason of a skills and techniques tip mentalists customarily use. (To turn Segev’s subscriber, revisit

“People see TV shows like ‘Lie to Me’ or ‘The Mentalist’ and consider that mentalists have enchanting powers,” Segev said. “However, anyone can rise these abilities if they – no joke dictated – put their minds to it. It’s all a matter of training and discipline.”

Segev motionless to rise a module in response to countless requests from assembly members during his live performances and visitors to his website. “People asked me to be as specific as possible, divulgence tangible steps, skills and techniques in a minute manner, and not only in ubiquitous or deceptive terms,” he said.

He stressed that this new module is not formed on gimmicks, trickery, or deception, but, rather, on a in-depth believe of a tellurian essence and function patterns, that anyone can master by following techniques summarized in a course.

“I explain, in an easy denunciation anyone can understand, how to rise a elemental techniques that mentalists use, such as awareness, acuity, super memory, pointy powers of regard and deduction, and several other simple nonetheless required skills,” Segev said.

The module also unveils a “how-to” of physique denunciation interpretation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mind “reading,” and provides a resources of other information that any chairman meddlesome in apropos a mentalist should know.

“If people use all a methods summarized in a march with calm and perseverance, they will significantly boost their mental abilities,” Segev said. “Practically all areas of a daily lives, either personal or professional, will advantage tremendously from these techniques.”

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